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My name is Phalanvita Madhyala

I am a visual artist with an innate understanding of Photography and Fashion. I see photography as an artistic tool for investigation and exploration of that which goes beyond simply just beautiful images. I like to dwell farther into the worlds that are unknown, uncover stories.

Having completed my master's degree in Fashion Styling, Photography & Film from Institute Marangoni, Milano, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience. My experience in the fashion industry as a Fashion Art Director for editorial shoots and a Costume Assistant for films has equipped me with a discerning eye for aesthetics, detail and a strong understanding of visual storytelling. Story telling has always been something I enjoyed and loved. Whether it was communicating through clothes or creating images.  


After completing my masters degree in Photography and Visual Design from NABA in 2022, I realised that I was not only interested in creating images but I am also very enthusiastic about curating images, photo editing, research and archival.  

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