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Can you Breath?

The theme of the project "Can you breathe?' is Protest.


"Can you breathe?" kept asking the nurse. "Can you breathe?" to my numb legs and arms.

"Can you breathe?" to my caged body. "Can you breathe?" to my flesh and bones, once a shelter and now a motionless wreck.

In July 2019, I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare neurological condition that quickly brings you to complete paralysis. I experienced my body as a distant echo from another reality, as a lifeless tree stuck in the ground, as a tomb. And my soul disconnected from it. Eventually, my body healed, but I felt a deep separation from my body. This deep separation between my body and my soul is my protest.


Through this project, I attempt to re-establish that connection. I depict the healing process by using canvas as an extension of my skin and by working with medical reports on the canvas, in a sequence of three steps of the healing process: from chaos, to understanding, and, finally, to hope.

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